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Residential & Commercial HVAC Repair in Detroit

Kilmar Home Solutions has a licensed, experienced team of contractors ready to tackle any residential or commercial HVAC repair or installation you may need in the Metro Detroit Area. From vintage heating and cooling systems to the most efficient models of today, we provide repairs, maintenance, and replacements for most of the leading brands. Whether you need us to take a look at your furnace, air conditioner, or water heater, we’re equipped to meet or exceed your expectations for service.

two technicians servicing ac unit

Benefits of Our Professional HVAC Maintenance

One of the best things you can do to keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently is to invest in professional HVAC maintenance from Kilmar Home Solutions. The benefits include:

  • Energy Savings – Having your systems regularly inspected and maintained will ensure they’re running at their peak performance to reduce the amount of energy they use. Wouldn’t you enjoy seeing lower energy bills every month? That’s money you could invest elsewhere.
  • Fewer Repairs – When you have your HVAC system regularly maintained, it should minimalize the number of repairs needed. Fewer repair bills also puts more money in your pocket.
  • Extended Lifespan – Similar to your vehicle, regular preventative maintenance is essential for extending the life of your furnace or air conditioner. If you keep it in tip-top shape, you can enjoy it for more years to come.

Be Sure to Ask Us About Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Please contact Kilmar Home Solutions to learn more about or to request an estimate for our HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation services in Detroit and surrounding areas. Whether you need a new furnace installed or you need to replace your broken air conditioner, we can get the job done to your satisfaction. We work with many of the heating and cooling industry’s top brands, and we’d be more than happy to make professional recommendations if it’s time you thought about a system upgrade for improved energy-efficiency and better year-round comfort in your home or business.

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