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Our Masonry Services Include Chimney & Porch Repairs

Dedicated to providing a complete renovation and property maintenance service for our customers, Kilmar Home Solutions offers minor concrete and brickwork, including porch installations and repairs and chimney repairs in the Detroit area. Masonry and brickwork are essential for maintaining your home or business’ curb appeal. A well-kept porch creates a favorable first impression, while a sunken-in porch in need of obvious repair can be seen as less than inviting to visitors. We always strive to preserve your porch or chimney’s original design concept when replacing any brickwork, using closely matched bricks from our local masonry yard whenever possible.

brick laying

Understanding the Importance of Chimney & Porch Repairs

Porch and chimney repairs are about far more than just aesthetics. Keeping them well-maintained is also a crucial safety issue, ensuring they have structural integrity. Your chimney and porch are exposed to the elements on a daily basis, making them especially vulnerable to deterioration over time. Don’t put off that chimney or porch repair – leaving them structurally comprised for any period of time can be dangerous. Rely on our experienced masonry contractors to help you make your porch a beautiful, inviting space again. We work hard to make sure all chimney and porch repairs are completed on time, on budget, and exactly to your unique specifications.

Request an Estimate for Chimney or Porch Repair in Detroit

Whether it’s mortar being chipped away from your bricks or actual bricks being stripped away by the elements, let our masonry contractors take a look at all your chimney and porch repair needs in the Detroit area. Please contact us today to request an estimate, and we’ll have your chimney or porch looking like brand-new again to wow your visitors in no time!

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