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Detroit’s Trusted Home Renovations/Rehab Specialists

Has watching all those house-flipping shows on HGTV inspired you to try your hand at rehabbing a property? Kilmar Home Solutions specializes in property turnovers and full-face remodels, including many types of property repairs, for those looking to invest in Detroit and the surrounding areas. From partial to complete rehabs involving kitchen, bathroom, or basement renovations, we can help you transform an outdated property into one with more curb appeal to help you maximize your return on investment. You can trust our home renovations/rehab specialists to keep your best interests in mind!

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Helpful Tips for Preparing to Rehab a Property

Are you thinking about investing in a property that you hope to rehab and then sell for a profit? Here are some tips for preparing to rehab a property so you don’t waste time or money that you can’t get back:

  • Property Inspection – It’s important to complete a thorough property inspection to assess which areas of the property are going to require the most work. Be sure to have a reliable contractor with you to assess the condition of the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, as well as the roofing, insulation, foundation, attic, basement, and more. Take plenty of photos!
  • Create a Rehab Checklist – Having a rehab checklist will ensure you don’t miss anything and help you keep track of repairs that still need to be done. Try to be as thorough as possible!
  • Create a Budget – Once you’ve created your repair checklist, you should be able to go through and itemize the costs for each repair. If your repair costs look like they’re going to exceed your budget, perhaps you need to make some changes. Be aware that unexpected issues are bound to happen, so be sure to build this into your budget!
  • Find the Right Contractor – Working with someone like Kilmar Home Solutions will help make the rehab process go smoothly. However, be sure to contact a few contractors to get estimates!
  • Obtain the Right Permits – You’ll need to figure out what types of permits are necessary for rehabbing a property. Kilmar Home Solutions can help you obtain the right permits!
  • Demolition/Debris Removal – Rehabbing a property often means disposing of debris inside and outside of the building first. Kilmar Home Solutions can help with debris removal prior to beginning the required rehab repairs for complete start-to-finish service!

We’ll Keep Your Renovation/Rehab Project on Schedule

Today’s world is fast-paced, and you can count on Kilmar Home Solutions to keep your home renovations/rehab projects in the Detroit area moving on time and on budget. Full-face home remodels and property turnovers are made less stressful with our expert guidance. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for a property inspection to get the property rehab process started!

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