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Detroit’s New Roofing & Roofing Replacements Experts

Your roof’s not a luxury – it’s a necessity to protect your home or business. Kilmar Home Solutions provides residential and commercial roofing installations and replacements in Detroit and many surrounding communities within a 25-mile radius, including Troy, Canton, and Beverly Hills. We’re experienced with many types of premier roofing options to help you make the most of your investment. Whether your roof’s seen some damages during a recent storm or has just seen better days, we can help you find the right replacement to complement your building and budget.

two workers on roof replacing shingles

Signs a Roofing Replacement May Be in Your Future

Would you know if you needed a roofing replacement? The average homeowner would probably answer no. A roofing replacement may be in your near future if you notice any of these common warning signs:

  • Curling/Missing Shingles – Michigan winters can be pretty extreme with snow and ice, while our summers bring plenty of sunshine, rain, and heavy storms to damage your roof’s shingles over time. If you’ve noticed any curling or missing shingles, you should have your roof professionally inspected to check for vulnerabilities.
  • Broken/Damaged Flashings – Flashings are what keep moisture out of your roofing system’s joints. If you’ve noticed broken or damaged flashings, your home could be vulnerable to leaks.
  • Stained Ceilings & Walls – Stains on your ceilings and walls may indicate a leak in your roof. Be sure to have a qualified professional inspect your roof for your safety. Kilmar Home Solutions always puts safety first!
  • Unwanted Pests – If you’ve discovered unwanted pests like bats, birds, or raccoons living in your attic, you could have a hole somewhere in your roof or eaves. We can help you determine if you need a simple roof repair or a complete roofing replacement.

Request a Roofing Estimate from Kilmar Home Solutions

In all honesty, if your roof’s over 15 years old, it’s probably not a bad idea to have it professionally inspected by Kilmar Home Solutions. The Metro Detroit Area relies upon us for reliable new roofing installations, repairs, and replacements. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment or to request an estimate for a roofing inspection. We’ll help you install a high-quality roof capable of withstanding the elements while improving your curb appeal!

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